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Mark Coleman's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Mark Coleman
Mark Coleman has been engaged in meditation practice since 1981, primarily within the Insight meditation tradition. He has been teaching meditation retreats since 1997. His teaching is also influenced by his studies with Advaita Vedanta and Tibetan teachers in Asia and the West, and through his teacher training with Jack Kornfield. Mark primarily teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, though he also teaches nationally, in Europe and India.
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2017-09-16 Instructional Sit (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:30
Insight Meditation for the Curious
2017-09-15 Meeting What Is With Awareness & Kindness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 50:55
Insight Meditation for the Curious
2017-07-27 Meeting the Characteristic of Life with Awareness and Compassion (Talk at Spirit Rock) 54:14
This talk explores how to learn to cultivate kindness and presence in relation to the challenging conditions of life, including the reality of change.
Insight Meditation as a Path to Freedom
2017-06-08 The Wisdom of Nature Practice (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:46
Nature is a perennial teacher. This talk explores the natural wisdom and insight that arises when we spend time outdoors with mindful awareness.
Natural Liberation
2017-06-05 Understanding the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness from an early Buddhist Perspective (Drop-in at Spirit Rock) 53:06
Monday Night Dharma talk
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2017-06-05 Guided meditation on the insight dimension of Satipatthana - 4 Foundations of Mindfulness (Drop-in at Spirit Rock) 38:28
Monday Night Meditation
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2017-06-02 Finding Refuge and the Wise Heart in Challenging Times (Daylong at Spirit Rock) 6:39:51
In every era of human history, people have encountered social upheaval and struggles. From the perspective of the Dharma, what is our response? Buddhist teachings provide a sense of refuge amidst any circumstance.
2017-05-15 Walking the Path of Metta: How We Cultivate Love in our Life and Practice (Drop-in at Spirit Rock) 57:06
Monday Night Dharma talk with Mark Coleman
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2017-03-13 Cutting Through Mental Proliferation (Papanca) (Drop-in at Spirit Rock) 59:20
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2017-03-10 Introduction to Mindfulness (Daylong at Spirit Rock) 5:43:38
Insight Meditation is a profoundly liberating practice that is a path to genuine well-being, happiness and freedom. In the daylong, you will immerse yourself in the beautiful quality of mindfulness.

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