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Heather Sundberg's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Heather Sundberg
Heather Sundberg has taught insight meditation since 1999 and completed the Spirit Rock/IMS Teacher Training. Beginning her own meditation practice in her late teens, for the last 25 years, Heather has studied with senior teachers in the Insight Meditation (Vipassana) and Tibetan (Vajrayana) traditions and has sat 1-3 months of retreat a year for almost 20 years. She was the Spirit Rock Family & Teen Program Teacher & Manager for a decade. Between 2010- 2015 she spent a cumulative one-year in study, practice, and pilgrimage in Asia. Since 2011, she has been a Teacher at Mountain Stream Meditation Center and sister communities in the Sierra Foothills, and also teaches nationally, especially at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Her teaching emphasizes embodiment, compassion and practical wisdom.
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2017-12-20 Transforming Fear Into Love (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 55:49
The Talk explores three ways that we can transform Fear into Love: Naming & Welcoming, Releasing Reactivity through the Nervous System, and Lovingkindness. The Talk ends with a moving true story of one woman's journey from fear into love & the service she offers to the world out of her understanding.
Insight Meditation Solstice Retreat
2017-05-19 Mindfulness-Wisdom 50:36
An introduction to A Map of Awareness from the Thai Forest Tradition: Sati-Mindfulness-Mahi Sati (Great Mindfulness), Sati Panna (Mindfulness Wisdom), Panna-Vimutti (Wisdom which leads to release). Includes teachings on how to approach teachings and practices of awareness, how to use the Three Characteristics, (impermanence, unsatisfactotoriness, not self) to decrease and release activity of the Defilements (greed, hatred and delusion) and a fun experiential exercise based on a teaching from Ajahn Chah about letting go. For more information about these teachings, visit Heather's website and look up Talks, Retreat Schedule and ongoing trainings on MahaSati.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Angela Center) Living Awareness Through Embodiment and Heart
2017-05-16 Body as Teacher 53:58
Beginning with a story of about Heather's close encounter with a monkey in India, the talk offers theory and practice on the First Foundation of Mindfulness on 'calming the bodily formation' as well as 'settling the nervous system' which are important 'dharmas of modern times'. Practices support us to work with anxiety, fear shame, judgment and other difficult emotions and reactive patterns of body and mind.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Angela Center) Living Awareness Through Embodiment and Heart
2017-01-13 Metta for the Difficult (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 64:48
This Talk examines the roots of the journey transformation from struggle & separation to connection & love. Mindfulness of the nervous system, wisdom perspectives, forgiveness, compassion & patience.
January Metta Retreat
2016-12-04 Spirit Rock, Guided Meditation: 12 Fold Breathing & Yin Breathing with Manuela Mischke-Reeds 64:53
Recording #4, Guided Meditation: 12 Fold Breathing & Yen Breathing
2016-12-04 Spirit Rock, Guided Meditation: 10 Point Body Scan Lying Down Practice: taught by Manuela Mischke-Reeds. 60:58
Session #3, Awakening through the Body taught by Manuela Mischke-Reeds
2016-12-04 Spirit Rock, Embodied Awakening in Difficult Times: Opening Story & Teaching 28:13
Session #1 of daylong Awakening through the Body
2016-12-04 Spirit Rock, Teaching & Guided Practice: 1st Foundation of Mindfulness & Mindfulness of the Nervous System 16:57
Session #2, Awakening through the Body
2016-01-19 Five Things Which Wake Us Up! 61:59
1. Wise Friends 2. Celebrating Basic Integrity 3. Hearing the Dharma 4. Wise Effort 5. Harmony with Impermanence
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2016-01-16 Morning Instructions: Metta for the difficult person (Day 5) 42:09
January Metta Retreat

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