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Tempel Smith's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Tempel Smith
Tempel Smith spent a year ordained as a monk in Burma and teaches Buddhist psychology and social activism in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is currently part of the IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training Program.
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2017-08-10 Becoming Mindful of Thought (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 61:54
Most people are lost in thought, mesmerized by thought, experiencing the content of thought as real events. With the practice of mindfulness we can first learn to turn away from the dominance of thought, and then bring awareness to the direct experience of thinking as a present time experience.
Insight Meditation Retreat for Young Adults
2017-07-12 Developing The Love of Equanimity (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 59:46
The Fourth Brahma Vihara--Upekkha/Equanimity--is a tender, steady love that rest peacefully in the truth of how things are. This expression of love grows out of wisdom and lots of perspective.
July Metta
2017-07-11 Day 6: Sit with Instructions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 53:59
July Metta
2017-07-10 Developing Samadhi/Concentration with Metta (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 63:18
There are many beautiful reasons to develop loving-kindness meditation and one of them is deeper samadhi/concnetration. By developing the Five Jhana Factors in Metta meditation we can come to know wholeness and focus within our own hearts, minds and bodies.
July Metta
2017-07-08 Day 3: Introduction to Compassion Practice (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 59:51
A basic introduction to compassion meditation for a dear friend and for oneself.
July Metta
2017-07-07 Day 2: Sit with Instructions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:16
July Metta
2017-07-06 Sanctuary and Science (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:20
July Metta
2017-01-24 Becoming Mindful of the Mind (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 64:37
After we begin to establish mindfulness of the breath and body, the next place to develop our practice is mind objects and the mind itself. Mind objects are the stream of thoughts and inner dialogue and for the mind we can observe emotions and mental states.
Mindfulness of Body, Speech and Mind
2017-01-23 Beginning Meditation Instruction (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 66:09
On the first morning of retreat we guide our bodies to be still and relaxed as a base for the mind to settle. We can use sounds, body sensations and the breath to gather our attention and start the training not to be lost in thought.
Mindfulness of Body, Speech and Mind
2016-12-09 Tempel Smith - Spirit Rock Day 4: Morning Sit with Instructions 37:14
In the Presence of Love: Metta and Qigong Retreat

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