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Susie Harrington's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Susie Harrington
Susie Harrington has been meditating since 1989, and been engaged in Insight meditation practice since 1995. She began teaching in 2005, with the guidance of Guy Armstrong, Jack Kornfield and more recently Joseph Goldstein. She often offers retreats in the natural world, believing nature to be the most profound dharma teacher, and a natural gateway to our true self. Her teaching is deeply grounded in the body and emphasizes embodiment of our practice in speech and daily life. For more information go to
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2017-10-05 Anatta: The Dukkha and The Freedom (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 54:14
How we create, reify and cling to self. How this is a source of Dukkha and how we can find our way to freedom.
Settling, Seeing, and Spacious Awareness: A Retreat for Experienced Students
2017-10-03 Challenges and Benefits of Samadhi (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:40
Settling, Seeing, and Spacious Awareness: A Retreat for Experienced Students
2017-08-28 Third Morning Instructions: Working with Thoughts and Guided Meditation 1:12:11
Breathing through the skin and working with thoughts.
Embodied Heart, Embodied Wisdom
2017-08-27 Working with Challenging Emotions 51:40
Embodied Heart, Embodied Wisdom
2017-08-27 Second Morning Instructions: Challenges in Meditation and Guided Meditation-Whole Body Breathing 64:17
Embodied Heart, Embodied Wisdom
2017-08-26 Guided Meditation: "Yes" and Friendliness to Self 25:46
Embodied Heart, Embodied Wisdom
2017-08-26 First Morning Instructions & Guided Meditation: Body Scan 59:44
Embodied Heart, Embodied Wisdom
2016-12-03 Guided Practice: Resting in the Field of Awareness 45:40
From Mindfulness Breath to Radiant Mind
2015-06-17 Understanding Things as they Really Are: From Concentration to Insight 54:01
Concentration is a skillful means that provides a foundation for understanding things as they really are (Yatha Bhuta). Through the direct experience of impermanence, freedom unfolds.
From the Breath to Spacious Awareness
2014-03-23 Mudita 54:06
An exploration of the tender heart that is available to be touched and pleased by the world. Held in equanimity and balanced with compassion, natural joy and contentment shine through.
March Month Long Retreat

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