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Heidi Bourne 's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Heidi Bourne
2017-06-21 Wise Effort as a Radical Act of Hospitality (Drop-in Program at Spirit Rock) 1:57:49
2017-05-17 What's in that Laundry Bag, Anyway? 2:00:47
Wise livelihood -- what we do matters and what happens when our good intentions end up in a cloud of smoke.
2016-08-24 I Undertake the Training to Take Good Care 1:59:50
What is non-harming, really? Exploring our practice on a journey through the Grand Canyon.
2016-03-02 The Parami of Patience - A Primary Practice 60:18
Exploring the Paramis as a real and palpable cause of happiness and a refuge to support us during difficult times.
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2016-01-27 Expanding the Bottom Line of the Heart 57:57
Exploring the intersection of mindfulness and the dharma in the workplace - expanding the bottom line and profitability of the heart.
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2015-09-09 Why We Are Here 54:39
A tribute class to Sylvia Boorstein and Donald Rothberg exploring our motivation, intention and experience of practice - what we've learned and what we love
Monday and Wednesday Talks

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