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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Concentration Retreat

Concentration (samadhi) defined as the collection and unification of the mind, was emphasized by the Buddha as one of the aspects of the Eightfold Path. It can bring joy to your practice and develop the skillful use of pleasure in the meditative process. Whatever your level of practice, you can improve your Insight Meditation (Vipassana) by strengthening your concentration skills. Your ability to concentrate will develop in response to the attention you give it.

This retreat offers a series of techniques for staying on the meditation object for extended periods of time. We will explore the factors of concentration that lead to the deep absorption states known as jhana. Teachers will also give instruction for utilizing concentration during insight practice.

2014-08-15 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2014-08-21 Metta Practice, Day 6 57:43
Tempel Smith
friendly creature/self/sangha/places
2014-08-21 Wisdom Growing Out of Samadhi 62:17
Tempel Smith
After developing some degree of Samadhi with the breath, we can use the stability of mind to explore impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and non-self.
2014-08-22 Morning Instructions, Day 7 54:06
Tempel Smith
Reflections on the 3 characteristics
2014-08-22 Metta practice, Day 7 43:29
Sally Armstrong
Radiating in 4 directions
2014-08-22 Seven Factors of Awakening 61:25
Adrianne Ross
How the seven factors of awakening develop in our practice and bring balance, ease, joy and liberating insight.
2014-08-23 Power and Purpose of Concentration 56:46
Sally Armstrong
Concentration plays a central role in meditation practice. In this talk I look at the different trajectories in the development of concentration and how to use that form skillfully.
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