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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Sacred Tenderness: Exploring the Energies of Our Hearts

2015-05-01 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2015-05-03 Measureless Abiding 41:22
Reflection and guided meditation. Suffusing the six directions with kindness and compassion.
2015-05-04 Forgiveness 42:56
Tara Brach
2015-05-04 Recognizing the Sacred 67:14
Reflections on the Luminous Heart that we lose touch with when we're confused by what moves through the heart. Contemplation of change, anicca, and the image of guest/dust which helped the first disciple of the Buddha to have an Awakening.
2015-05-05 Reclamation of the Sacred 60:33
Recognizing causes of collective dislocation. Naming colonial devastation. Way of the tender heart.
In collection: Engaged Buddhism
2015-05-06 The Joy of Gratitude 44:10
Ruth King
Exploring gratitude as a gateway to joy.
2015-05-06 One Heart: Relative and Ultimate 63:47
Eugene Cash
Practice reveals the Spontaneous Heart of Reality inherent in each human being. Becoming intimately aware of each moment of experience reveals the phantasmagorical reality available here and now. Know reveals not knowing. The Universal is revealed through the Personal. As the hardening of Heart relaxes the Dharma displays itself.
2015-05-07 Harvesting Gifts of Ancestors 42:01
Larry Yang
2015-05-07 Upekkha/Equanimity 40:01
Eugene Cash
Upekkha is the wisdom of the heart. It reveals a balanced, equipoise of heart and mind that is woven with love, compassion and joy. Often confused with detachment equanimity is a heart/mind resting in the wisdom of reality and awareness. It is the balance of heart/mind rooted in insight.
2015-05-07 Polishing the Third Jewel - Sangha: Being Mindful of Race 57:49
Ruth King
Awakening to the constellations of racial suffering in sangha and in the world and offering tenderness and contemplative artistry to what hurts.
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