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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Equanimity: Seeing with Quiet Eyes

2016-04-03 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-04-04 Mindfulness and Metta 55:01
Sally Armstrong
Equanimity is central to the Buddha's teachings and practices, and so underlies and supports both mindfulness and metta (loving-kindness). For Samma Sati, Right Mindfulness, to develop, equanimity needs to function to keep us connected with experiences even when they are difficult or challenging, to deepen insight into the true nature of reality. In metta practice, equanimity keeps the heart open when conditions are not ideal for kindness - and they are often not ideal!
2016-04-05 Equanimity - Seeing the World with Quiet Eyes 69:00
Kamala Masters
Understanding the inner terrain and workings of equanimity.
2016-04-06 Patience and Equanimity 58:45
Sally Armstrong
Patience and equanimity are two of the paramis - 10 perfections that we develop in our practice on the path to awakening. Ledi Sayadaw says that “Patience and equanimity are the mainstay for the perfections. Only when one has set oneself up in these two can one expect to fulfill the rest." These 2 qualities are intertwined and support each other: if we are patient, we are developing equanimity, and vice versa. Both are necessary for our meditation practice and bring peace and calm into our minds and hearts.
2016-04-07 The Five Spiritual Faculties 63:53
Kamala Masters
The balancing effect of the 5 Spiritual Faculties.
2016-04-08 Equanimity and Kamma 55:53
Sally Armstrong
There are two main aspects to equanimity as a Brahma Vihara: first, a balanced, spacious mind, which is a mental factor we can know and cultivate. Secondly, an understanding of the nature of reality, known in Buddhist teachings as the dhamma, or truth, which is expressed here in the teachings on kamma (karma in Sanskrit.) Kamma simply means action, and refers to the universal laws of cause and effect and conditionality. In this teaching, the Buddha highlighted the importance of intentions in our actions. We come to understand that our lives are shaped by our choices, and the importance of bringing mindfulness and wisdom to our choices and intentions. We also should be aware that, even with good intentions, our actions can have harmful impacts, especially as we live, work and practice in communities with people with different cultural, racial, economic, gender identifications, sexual orientations, or other diverse experiences.
2016-04-09 The Balance of the Seven Factors of Awakening 67:12
Kamala Masters
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