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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Spring Insight: Understand the Mechanisms of the Salutary Effects of Mindfulness

Nobody tells us when we’re growing up, but being human is a big deal. It feels great, it hurts, it’s intense, and we know it won’t go on forever. Given this, what kind of happiness is possible? The Buddha suggested that we have underestimated the capacity of our heart. Retreat helps us to remember. In mindfulness meditation, we practice resting, looking deeply, and knowing, moment by moment, what it’s like to be human. The more deeply we look, the more reason we have to love.

Together, we’ll sit in the refuge provided by a 2,600-year legacy of wisdom and kindness. In silence, we come to know the preciousness of our life and the poignancy of the human condition. From this openness, so much goodness unfolds.

Throughout this retreat, we’ll offer systematic instructions in mindfulness and lovingkindness practice, and there will be meetings with teachers to support you in your practice.

This retreat is silent except for teacher-led Q&A, small groups, or other practice meetings.

2024-05-11 (6 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2024-05-12 Guided Meditation: Convergence of Insight and Love (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 36:04
Matthew Brensilver
2024-05-13 Language is the hammer and every problem, a nail (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 46:30
Matthew Brensilver
2024-05-14 Guided Meditation: Feeling 52:29
Matthew Brensilver
2024-05-14 Leading with Love (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 45:42
Cara Lai
How can I sit here when our house is burning down? How meditation, softening, and receptivity relates to activism and making real transformation in the world. The ways that hatred masquerades as fierce compassion, a deeper understanding of power and privilege, and how to lead with love.
2024-05-16 Closing Session (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 1:35:33
Cara Lai, Brian Lesage, Matthew Brensilver
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