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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

The Path of Engagement, Retreat 2

This is the second of five retreats in the Path of Engagement Program, an in-depth 2-year program intended to help participants connect their individual spiritual practice with their work, service and action in the world.

2007-11-11 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2007-11-12 Compassion 46:28
Adrianne Ross
Compassion as a verb. Blocks to compassion and ways through.
2007-11-14 The Transformative Process In Engaged Practice 43:01
Donald Rothberg
It is helpful to identify four broad phases of transformation, whether in the context of intensive meditation practice, everyday life, or engaged practice in the world: (1) building resources (perspectives, tools, methods, the ethical “container”); (2) opening to and honoring our suffering; (3) coming to see in a new way; and (4) the integrative work of stabilizing, grounding, and expressing our insights and learning as we go forth into the world.
2007-11-16 The Abode Of The Body: Mindfulness And The Body 53:15
Ann Masai
Following the Buddha's direction about using the body as a mindfulness tool, we discuss many techniques for practice.
2007-11-17 Cultivating Joy & Equanimity In Engaged Practice 60:42
Donald Rothberg
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