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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Monday and Wednesday Talks

Regular weekly talks given at the lower Spirit Rock meditation hall

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2001-06-11 Courage And Tenderness: Stories For An Awakened Heart 59:16
Jack Kornfield
Stories that remind us of the qualities of faith and compassion which can bring us to freedom. Includes questions and answers.
2001-08-13 Simplicity And Sympathy 47:58
Jack Kornfield
The spirit of simplicity, presence and sympathy of heart can carry us through the most difficult and beautiful of times.
2002-01-21 Martin Luther King, Exploring Racism & Interconnection 64:49
Debra Chamberlin-Taylor
The eloquent words of Martin Luther King, Jr. are woven through an exploration of subtle forms of privilege and racism.
2002-04-08 Awakening Is Always Possible 62:31
Jack Kornfield
Seeking the sacred. The possibility of awakening exists in every moment. We all can sense our potential for bringing compassion to present world conflict. Stories of India and questions about the Middle East.
2002-04-22 Gratitude And Trust 52:43
Phillip Moffitt
How to be in the moment in the face of life difficulties. How to live “into life” in the presence of loss and death. The power of gratitude and trust, and ways to cultivate them as mindfulness practice.
2002-06-29 Embrace Of Suffering And 9/11 47:12
Christopher Titmuss
This talk explores issues of struggle following 9/11, ways to resolve suffering. These teachings emphasize the necessity to explore deeply our relationship to each other.
2002-06-29 Inquiry 54:25
Christopher Titmuss
Christopher engages in individual inquiry at the frong of the hall with five yogis at a retreat at spirit rock.
2002-07-26 Equanimity And Change 50:16
Kamala Masters
Through the practice of equanimity we are able to face the changing conditions of our lives with balance, spaciousness and great care.
2003-08-18 Inquiry 62:01
Christopher Titmuss
2004-01-01 Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa 1:42
Kittisaro, Thanissara
Homage to the Blessed, Noble, and Perfectly Enlightened One. Buddham saranam gacchami. I go for refuge to the Buddha
In collection: Buddhist Heart Mantras
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