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Ten Ways of Practicing with Reactivity
2022-10-05 Ten Ways of Practicing with Reactivity 68:23
Donald Rothberg
We start with a brief review of the last three Wednesday sessions on "Dukkha and the End of Dukkha," including briefly summarizing the teachings of "The Two Arrows" and "Dependent Origination" (going from pleasant/unpleasant to grasping/pushing away); grasping and pushing away are interpreted as the most important meaning of dukkha as reactivity. Then there is an acknowledgment of Yom Kippur occurring on this day and its relationship to our practice. The core of the talk is exploring ten fundamental ways of practicing with reactivity (a pdf of the ten ways will be posted linked with the talk). The talk is followed by discussion.
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  • Ten Ways of Practicing with Reactivity by Donald Rothberg (Word File)

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