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Marie Mannschatz's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Marie Mannschatz
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2011-03-24 2nd Foundation of Mindfulness 55:19
How to relate to feelings in the heart of silence
March Monthlong Retereat
2011-03-17 The First Foundation of Mindfulness 54:27
Mindfulness of the Body in retreat practice.
March Monthlong Retereat
2011-03-13 Wise and Beautiful Effort 50:46
How to understand and balance, ease, depth and love, all as expressions of wise effort.
March Monthlong Retereat
2011-03-10 Metta & Self-Love 56:51
March Monthlong Retereat
2009-03-20 Energies of the Heart 53:24
In the heart the beauty of the human spirit comes alive.
Insight Meditation March Month Long
2009-03-14 About Meditation and Love 59:18
Meditation as a life-long practice
Insight Meditation March Month Long
2009-03-06 A Musical Discussion 53:28
Insight Meditation March Month Long
2006-03-20 Forgiveness 54:18
The process of forgiveness is a main ingredient of metta practice. How to practice forgiveness.
2006-03-12 Body Awareness As The First Foundation Of Mindfulness 49:37
A thorough investigation of the first foundation of mindfulness.
2002-03-25 No Right, No Wrong 49:55
A story about misunderstanding and compassion —teachers and students in an Asian monastery.

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