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Michele McDonald's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Michele McDonald
Because I've been teaching in Burma the last three years, I've been able to see how mindfulness can be nourished by a culture that supports the ancient liberation teachings and by daily experiences of happiness arising from acts of generosity, morality and renunciation. Thus the practice of Buddhism and the living of Buddhism are woven together in a seamless tapestry.
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2004-07-24 There's Treasure Everywhere 59:37
Deepening and trusting our practice in retreat and daily life.
2004-07-21 Equally Valuing Love And Wisdom 59:12
Finding healthy ground and healthy groundlessness by deepening our understanding of love (generosity, compassion, renunciation) and wisdom.
2004-07-18 Mindfulness And Freedom 58:22
Being in alignment with the truth and falling into the natural flow of things through the practice of mindfulness.
2004-05-05 Longing For Freedom 45:45
Learning to bring the ability to remember. Being willing to go through our longing and weariness as we liberate ourselves.
2004-05-03 Equanimity 44:31
Equanimity is the peace we can awaken to within all of our cells. We can experience a peace in the face of agitation, joy and sorrow.
2003-04-30 Working Skillfully With The Paradox Of Connecting And Detaching 46:51
Understanding how to work with love and longing, detachment and indifference.
2002-05-01 Working With Difficulty 48:27
How to work skillfully with difficult body sensations, emotions, or mental states.
2001-05-02 When Things Don't Go Our Way 49:52
Instead of pretending to be okay when our beautiful dreams get blown apart, can we learn to respond with compassion, ease and balance?
2000-07-29 Nurturing Our Aspiration For Freedom In Daily Life 55:40
Inspiration for deepening our daily life and spiritual practice.
2000-07-27 Dignity And Compassion 54:39
Experiencing the dignity of relating to the pain of our world with compassion.

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