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Nina Wise's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Nina Wise
2011-05-09 Mudita - Joy 55:16
Joy as a rigorous practice - that changes the world. Ending with a chant by Jennifer Berezan
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2010-12-27 Happiness: Setting Our Course For the New Year 43:01
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2010-12-27 Monday Night Meditation and Chant with Jennifer Berezen 67:33
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2010-07-12 Wisdom & Compassion 47:43
How do we live when we lose faith in humanity... or at Heart we are at Peace...
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2010-05-13 Metta: The Web of Belonging 50:46
As the mind stills, the heart opens. As the heart opens, we discover how we belong to this earth and live in a web of connection.
Natural Liberation Retreat
2010-05-11 Ground of Being 47:43
When we recognize our Buddha Nature, the boundless awareness at the heart of our being, lovingkindness arises effortlessly as an innate characteristic.
Natural Liberation Retreat
2010-02-15 Love, Wisdom, and Awakening 51:37
The journey and thread that weaves through each,... one begets and is of the other... how Valentines day and Presidents day can lead us to Awakening...
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2009-10-12 Buddha Nature 44:49
On remembering who we are... On forgetting who we are... On knowing what we don't know we know...
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2009-03-16 The Wisdom of Insecurity 49:58
In this time of economic uncertainty, how do we cultivate equanimity and well being. Guidance for transforming hard times into good times.
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2007-09-18 Peace And Love 54:34
Insight Meditation in Nature

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