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Tony Bernhard's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Tony Bernhard
Tony Bernhard first encountered the dharma in 1965 and became one of Spirit Rock’s first community dharma leaders in 1999. He currently sits on the board of the Sati Center, trains inmates and staff at Folsom Prison in mindfulness and dharma, leads sitting groups in Davis, and regularly teaches in a handful of venues in and around Sacramento and the Bay Area. He primarily focuses his practice on study of the dharma teachings in the earliest texts.
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2019-12-18 Suburban Arahanti 52:48
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2017-10-25 The Four Tasks 2:08:08
2017-10-18 The Middle Path 2:04:56
2017-05-10 Cultivating the Eightfold Path 66:14
2017-03-15 Spirit Rock Wednesday Morning Class (Drop-in at Spirit Rock) 65:06
2016-11-09 The Morning After 1:21:08
2016-05-04 The Two Wings of the Dharma - Wisdom and Compassion 61:01
2016-01-13 Kosambi - Implicit Teachings - Pitfalls of Fixed Views 56:01
Living in the world without making things worse, being of benefit to others and working out how to do so.
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2015-09-02 The Two Truths - September 2, 2015 61:44
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2015-08-26 Meditation Supports Ethical Practice, the Heart of the Way 51:45
The importance of ethical practice in helping us to refrain from adding to suffering - our own and others.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

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