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Greg Scharf's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Greg Scharf
Greg Scharf has practiced with Western and Asian teachers in the Theravada tradition since 1992, and has been teaching residential retreats since 2007. His teaching emphasizes the confluence of love and wisdom on the path to liberation. If you feel drawn to donate to Greg on this website, he says, "Please consider making a donation to Dharma Seed instead - Dharma Seed needs your support!"
2018-01-31 Day 4: Sitting Meditation with Brahma Vihara Instructions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 42:39
February Insight Meditation 1-Month Retreat
2017-07-22 Stories and Poems from the Therigatha (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 55:57
This talk looks at the lives and practice of the first Buddhist nuns through the verses in the Therigatha.
July Insight Meditation Retreat
2017-07-18 The Suffering that Leads to the End of Suffering (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:23
An exploration of our search for happiness and contentment and the way that opening to, and developing a wise relationship with dukkha is an essential aspect of that search.
July Insight Meditation Retreat
2017-07-16 Introduction to Metta Meditation and Guided Meditation (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 46:36
July Insight Meditation Retreat
2016-03-25 Evening Chanting (with Kate Johnson) 15:15
Chanting of the Karaniya Metta Sutta in Pali and English. Begins with the chant of invitation to the devas followed by a chant of devotion to the triple gem. Ends with a short chant of blessing.
March Monthlong
2016-02-29 Mindfulness Directed to the Body 52:01
March Monthlong
2015-02-24 Brahma Vihara day 24 44:46
Difficult person + All beings
February Insight Meditation Retreat
2015-02-18 Brahma Vihara Day 18 41:50
Mudita: Benefactor and Self
February Insight Meditation Retreat
2015-02-14 5 Subjects for Frequent Reflection 50:20
February Insight Meditation Retreat
2015-02-13 Brahma Vihara Day 13 42:28
Compassion/Karuna - self
February Insight Meditation Retreat

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