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Christopher Titmuss's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Christopher Titmuss
My engagement in teaching the dharma, to point to a free and liberated life, has remained the same since the first day I started. It is my unwavering commitment to inspire people that such a life is accessible to us all, here and now. This is what sustains me and gives me enthusiasm.
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2007-10-06 A Tribute To Rumi 62:01
Commentary on 4 poems of Rumi on love and ultimate truth - to mark 8 centuries since his birth in September 1207.
Meditation, Inquiry and the Nondual
2007-10-05 Conditions And The Unconditioned 51:28
Let us see into unfolding conditions. These conditions are unproblematic; thus liberation is not trapped in conditions, i.e., the unconditioned.
Meditation, Inquiry and the Nondual
2007-10-03 Truth And Duality 61:06
We believe that the now is more important than past and future, there is an essence behind personality and we have to work through our stuff to get to our Buddha nature. Truth dissolves these dualities.
Meditation, Inquiry and the Nondual
2007-10-02 Love And Non-Self 64:54
We are preoccupied with self and other. Love needs to be liberated from self and other, popular culture and religion. Authentic love is a liberating force in the world.
Meditation, Inquiry and the Nondual
2007-09-30 Eight Worldly Conditions 49:00
Success and Failure, Gain and Loss, Praise and Blame, Pleasure and Pain can haunt our life. All these wordly conditions weave in and out of each other.
Meditation, Inquiry and the Nondual
2006-08-26 Questios And Answers 60:12
2006-08-25 Inquiry - part 3 51:16
2006-08-24 The Wisdom Of Equanimity 59:40
Equanimity is divine since it acts as a bridge towards facing the world and realization of the unconstructed & the secure.
2006-08-23 Inquiry - part 2 52:13
2006-08-21 Inquiry - part 1 65:40

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