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Eugene Cash's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Eugene Cash
I am intrigued by how we can live the 'holy life' as lay people. How do we erase the imaginary line between formal sitting practice and the rest of our lives? How can we bring full engagement to formal and informal practice? Is it possible to embody, in our lives, the understanding and insight that comes with intensive training? And can we live our lives in a way that expresses and continues to deepen our realization? These questions fuel my practice and my teaching.
2019-05-15 Grateful for This Moment of Life (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 51:28
Gratitude arises as the 5th Brahma Vihara. It is a quality of heart ripened by our coming into harmony with the reality of life and death. As we waken to the truth that this is the only moment there is, we discover the magic, mystery and beauty of simply Being.
Maranasati: Contemplating Death, Awakening to Life

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