The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Howard Cohn's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Howard Cohn
The more I rest in present awareness, and don't separate myself out from life, the more I appreciate the impact that I have on others. Only when I am present am I sensitive to my connection to the world, am I able to feel how important it is to be non-harming in my words and actions. When I am lost in thought, I lose that simplicity and sensitivity.
2016-12-10 Spirit Rock, The Buddha's Path of Well-Being and Happiness 6:50:32
The Buddha was called 'the Happy One'. His teachings and path provide a clear and inspiring vision of our capacity to use our life to fulfill our goal of happiness. This talk of Insight Meditation will follow the Buddha's Way of mindfulness, concentration and love, illustrating how each of us, through a gradual process of applying loving awareness to our moment-to-moment experience, can move from clinging and attachment to letting go and freedom, from confusion to clarity, and from tension to ease of well-being.

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