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John Travis's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
John Travis
After thirty-five years of experience around the dharma, with eight of these years in Asia, I am still deeply inspired, as a teacher, by students' progress with the practice. I see the questioning I do with myself reflected in others. The infinite loop of my practice and my teaching becomes a self-fulling prophecy. As I see others letting go of old baggage, it inspires me to continue questioning myself.
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2019-12-18 Moving through Darkness into the Light (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 47:19
John's poem- story of the Himalayas- working with desire and aversion - and opening to Awareness
Insight Meditation Winter Solstice Retreat
2018-05-03 Day 6: Instructions -- Sit - Q&A 36:38
Living Awareness Through Insight Meditation
2018-05-02 Swan Song (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 42:30
John's stories--commentary on: Impermanence--Body--Views and Opinions--Not Self--Awareness
Living Awareness Through Insight Meditation
2018-04-30 Day 3: Instructions -- Sit - Q&A (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 35:17
Living Awareness Through Insight Meditation
2018-04-29 The Body, Fear and Transforming Difficulties (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 43:59
A pilgrimage to Mustang, working with fear in the body and exploring the 5 hindrances.
Living Awareness Through Insight Meditation
2017-12-21 Five Aspects of Liberation (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 54:03
Impermanence--The Body--Views and Opinions--The Self-Awareness
Insight Meditation Solstice Retreat
2017-05-18 A Long Lineage 51:40
John shares stories of his own personal lineage of practice from elders of the Thai Forest Tradition, including teaching based on Ajahn Chah's 'taking the one seat'.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Angela Center) Living Awareness Through Embodiment and Heart
2016-12-21 From the Garbage Dump to the Empty Buddha (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:04
Insight Meditation Solstice Retreat
2015-12-20 Lessons from Mt. Fuji: the World of Papancha (Mental Proliferation) 57:12
wonderful story about ascending Mt. Fuji at the tail end of a typhoon. Followed by a clear description of the four types of Papancha: wanting, aversion, views on opinions and selfing.
Insight Meditation Solstice Retreat
2015-05-15 A New Life: The Faculty of Wisdom 49:51
Connected with the 5 Spiritual Faculties, the talk describes emptying out the cart of self!
May Insight Meditation Retreat

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