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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Thanksgiving Insight Retreat

2012-11-16 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2012-11-17 Opening Day Instructions 64:56
Mark Coleman
Opening day mindfulness meditation instructions and orientation to the principles of mindfulness.
2012-11-19 Guided Meditation - Mental States and Compassion 31:54
Lila Kate Wheeler
17 minute guided meditation on finding peace in the body and opening to states of mind and thinking as support for awareness.
2012-11-19 Working Skillfully with Pain 35:56
Mark Coleman
How to work with the inevitable pain and stress in life - using three methods: 1) Mindfulness, 2) Resourcsing, 3) Loving-kindness
2012-11-19 Loving-kindness for the Earth 24:51
Wes Nisker
2012-11-20 Compassion and Metta 56:33
Spring Washam
2012-11-21 Vipassana Meditation Instructions 51:42
Mark Coleman
Overview of vipassana/mindfulness meditation instructions
2012-11-21 Exploring Identity 51:11
Wes Nisker
2012-11-23 Inclining the Mind to Gratitude 54:30
Mark Coleman
How to turn the attention to gratitude and appreciation as a support to turn the mind away from wanting and deficiency.
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