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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

February Month Long Retreat - 2014

2014-02-01 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2014-02-07 Wise Effort: Finding Balance and Inclining toward the Wholesome 62:26
James Baraz
Two aspects of Wise Effort are explored: 1) how do we know if we're doing too little, too much or just enough with regard to effort in practice? and 2) the four aspects of wise efforts are discussed with particular emphasis on the importance of cultivating and increasing wholesome states.
2014-02-08 Morning Instructions - Day 7 23:38
James Baraz
A guided meditation using the breath to develop concentration.
2014-02-09 Morning Instructions: Day 8 20:53
Carol Wilson
2014-02-10 Morning Instructions: Day 9 18:00
Guy Armstrong
2014-02-11 Morning Instructions Day 10 21:19
Greg Scharf
2014-02-11 The Disappearance and Reappearance of Mindfulness 60:00
Andrea Fella
Curiosity about how mindfulness disappears and reappears can open the mindfulness practice to new areas.
2014-02-12 Morning Instructions: Day 11 18:25
Andrea Fella
2014-02-12 Natural Compassion 53:29
Brian Lesage
Our meditation practice leads to a natural compassion that can transform the world.
2014-02-13 Morning Instructions Day 12 10:24
James Baraz
2014-02-13 Seclusion 60:59
Carol Wilson
Some reflections on solitude, restraint at the sense doors (kaya viveka) and seclusion of mind, especially in the silence of the non-concocting mind.
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