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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Deepening into the Heart of Love and Freedom with Noliwe Alexander, Lama Rod Owens, MA, Arinna Weisman, Katy Wiss and Melvin L. Escobar, LCSW, RYT

Preparing for after the election? Whatever the result we know we have work to do and so the challenge is how? Can we prepare for it in ways that bring us into an embodied wisdom, a caring heart and faith in knowing the beautiful qualities of the heart are where our power and agency lie? Can we remember we are part of not only our communities of trans, gender non-conforming, queer, bi, gay, people of color, white, disabled and able bodied…we are part of a universe, part of all nature and held by life’s vastness. In communion and in community we find a resilience and love that becomes a deep spring or resource for the days, weeks and years ahead.
There is a path and we will walk it together guided by the teachings of the Buddha and other liberatory teachings.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our LGBTQI Gender Non-Conforming community to come together in support and exploration of our inner capacity to realize the authentic and free expression of life living through us. We begin the retreat on election day and will be able to invite our commitment to non-harming and justice as blessings throughout the retreat. There will be time each day for the BIPOC and Trans sangha to sit together. This retreat is open to beginners and experienced students.

2020-11-03 (5 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2020-11-03 Retreat Opening 65:20
Arinna Weisman
2020-11-03 Moving into the Heart of Love and Freedom 36:07
Melvin Escobar
Gentle movement that leads into stationary meditation instructions by Arinna Weisman
2020-11-03 Very short introduction for mindfulness 21:24
Arinna Weisman
A few suggestions to calling in presence and kindness in relation to the body
2020-11-03 Dharma Talk 46:19
Noliwe Alexander
2020-11-04 Moving into the Heart of Love and Freedom 44:45
Melvin Escobar
Inspired by Noliwe Alexander's Dharma Talk on 11/3
2020-11-04 Guided Metta & Chanting 41:43
Lama Rod Owens
2020-11-04 Sit with Instructions 42:17
Noliwe Alexander
2020-11-04 Moving into the Heart of Love and Freedom 44:44
Melvin Escobar
Includes Walking Meditation instruction
2020-11-04 The truth of the Teachings 47:25
Arinna Weisman
Describing part of my personal journey in discovering the truth of the teachings of the Dhamma
2020-11-05 Moving into the Heart of Love and Freedom 48:24
Melvin Escobar
Inspired by Arinna Weisman's Dharma talk on 11/4
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