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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Returning to Wholeness: Finding Refuge in the Buddhadhamma

The waves of life are strong and unpredictable. Developing the capacity to stay the course, to be fluid in uncharted territory, and to brave discomfort and uncertainty allows us to mine the treasures that reside in the domain of unknowing and mystery. The medicine of Dharma holds us steady, trains us to lead with the heart, and teaches us to trust our capacity to return home to wholeness as we navigate an uncertain world.

Through silence and guided meditation, mindful movement and contemplative practices in nature, we will engage in opening our hearts to renewed possibilities of spaciousness, wonder, creativity, and liberation.

2022-06-27 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2022-06-30 Morning Mindfulness Practice with Forgiveness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 38:17
joshua bee alafia
Metta and Forgiveness Practice are so interrelated, forgiveness lightens the heart and empowers our ability to be vulnerable.
2022-07-01 Decolonized Buddhadharma and Moment to Moment Liberation (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 1:11:27
joshua bee alafia
Decolonizing the narrative of Sidhartta and Yasodhara Gautama; the collective Buddha, the Four Noble Truths and the Art of Letting Go.
2022-07-02 Cultivating the Seeds of Metta (Loving Kindness) (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 41:39
Kabir Hypolite
Cultivate seeds of loving kindness with intention, care, and patience in the garden of your heart.
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