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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

New Years Retreat

2008-12-26 (9 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2008-12-27 Seven Factors Of Awakening 57:49
Gil Fronsdal
2008-12-28 Seeing Through The Storyteller 55:52
Sharda Rogell
There is a storyteller in our minds that thinks it knows who and what we are suppose to be and do. We stay very busy trying to mold ourselves into that person believing something is wrong with the way we are. Through the practice of sensitive attunement, we rediscover our intrinsic nature as we enter a path of healing.
2008-12-29 Lost In Flight - Heart, Faith 62:15
John Travis
2008-12-30 Afternoon Yoga 37:21
Janice Clarfield
Gentle meditative yoga for all bodies and ages. The intention is to enjoy inhabiting your body, while deepening experience and insight into the integration of physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual well-being.
2008-12-30 Generosity 58:31
Adrianne Ross
The beautiful gifts of pure presence, acceptance and relinquishing as antidotes to greed, aversion and delusion as a pathway to liberation.
2008-12-31 Stilling The Constructions Of Mind 48:16
Gil Fronsdal
2009-01-01 Knowing Limitless Freedom 54:58
Sharda Rogell
What is left when we let go of the mental activity of objectifying, and solidifying our reality? What happens when we see into the empty nature of conditioned phenomenon?
2009-01-02 Ready Or Not 62:58
John Travis
2009-01-02 Big Mind Meditation 40:07
John Travis
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