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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Insight Meditation

2009-07-24 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2009-07-25 Turning the Mind Toward the Dharma 55:49
Joseph Goldstein
The four mind-changing reflections: precious human birth, impermanence, karma and the defects of samsara.
2009-07-26 Understanding Liberation by Uprroting the Defilements 57:40
Steve Armstrong
Suffering is rooted in the defilements that visit the mind. Liberating understanding emerges naturally from continuity of awareness leading to insight. Along the way, speech, behavior, the mind and understanding are purified.
2009-07-27 The Sure Heart's Release Part I of II 57:22
Kamala Masters
The mindful cultivation of Dana (giving), Sila (Living in Harmony) and Bhavana (Developing the Mind) as the 3 pillars upon which our Chamma life rests. Part I - Dana and Sila; Part II - Developing the Mind
2009-07-28 Opening to Grief 51:51
Sky Dawson
The Four Noble Truths and opening to grief.
2009-07-28 My Enemy, My Teacher 45:07
Winnie Nazarko
When we attempt to extend metta (loving-kindness) to difficult people, things get interesting. In order to expand our capacity to love, we must strengthen our motivation to do so and work with obstacles which may arise. Through reflecting on the value of metta in our families and communities, we find the courage to undertake this spiritual challenges. Includes guided meditation.
2009-07-29 Lovingkindness 52:46
Joseph Goldstein
"What we frequently think about and ponder upon becomes the inclination of the mind." - The Buddha This talk explores the cultivation of loving thoughts and feelings - what supports it and what obstructs it.
2009-07-30 Parami: A Life of Dhamma 57:40
Steve Armstrong
Development of the 10 qualities of a "good human being" results in a life of dharma, offering contingency plans for the path ahead.
2009-07-31 The Sure Heart's Release Part II 64:00
Kamala Masters
Understanding the path of practice that leads to the extinction of suffering. Bhavana - bringing forth what has not yet been developed through concentration practice and wisdom practice of Vipassana.
2009-08-01 Practice in the World: Right Speech 51:16
Joseph Goldstein
Right speech, the third step on the 8-fold Noble Path, is more than a set of ethical guidelines for living in the world. It is the practice of speech in the service of liberation.
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