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The Art and Practice of Forgiveness
2020-12-13 The Art and Practice of Forgiveness 4:23:24
Phillip Moffitt, Noliwe Alexander
The art of forgiveness begins with connecting to the heart. The practice involves learning skills such as metta, mindful acknowledgement, and compassion. Practicing these skills enables you to free yourself from painful identification with past events. This is a day to bring remorse or grief about past actions and move beyond feelings of guilt and shame. Likewise, if someone has wronged you, you will be guided toward holding them in accountability without closing your heart. Additionally, forgiveness practice will move you toward clarity and acceptance for the ways you have let yourself down. Practicing forgiveness allows you to move from a heavy, remorseful heart and a reactive mind to a heart that’s light but still feels regret, and a mind that is calm and clear. The day will be held with periods of guided silent sitting and walking meditation practice, instruction in the art and practice of forgiveness, and a forgiveness ceremony, with opportunities to ask questions to the instructors.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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