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Stephen Batchelor's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Stephen Batchelor
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2011-11-05 For Love of This World 61:16
Some foundational texts for Secular Buddhism; the Buddha's parable of the city and its implications; creativity and aesthetics in the practice of the path; a democracy of the imagination.
Towards a Secular Buddhism
2011-11-04 Entering the Stream 62:15
Further thoughts on secular Buddhism; ELSA = Embrace, Let Go, Stop, Act; ELSA is a continuous stream; Mara as Namuci, the drought demon; the stream as the 8-fold path; stream-entry as confidence in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha; abandoning the three fetters; an inclusive conception of Sangha; Sarakani the Sakiyan
Towards a Secular Buddhism
2011-11-03 The Four 60:20
A commentary on the "Turning of the Wheel of Dhamma," the Buddha's first discourses.
Towards a Secular Buddhism
2011-11-02 From Place to Ground 57:05
The Buddha and the sick monk; the awakening as described in M.26 (The Noble Quest); awakening as a shift from place to ground, Not as a breakthrough to an ultimate Truth; "going against the stream"; the appearance of Brahma Sahampati who encourages the Buddha to teach as the arising of love and compassion and creativity.
Towards a Secular Buddhism
2011-11-01 Whatever Arises and Ceases 59:00
Further reflections on Secular Dharma; what was distinctive in the Buddha's teaching at his time; "Whatever arises ceases": the ocean, the breath, the heartbeat; the Kaccanagotta Sutta (S.12:15); quotes from Montaigne & Nagarjuna re: neither being nor non-being; the questions of Vacchagotta concerning self (S.44:10)
Towards a Secular Buddhism
2011-10-31 A Secular Religion? 61:36
Reflections on the conversational and dialogical nature of a living tradition; the tension between the deeply human religious impulse (questioning) and religious institutions and dogmas; the twofold meaning of the word "secular."
Towards a Secular Buddhism
2011-10-29 Questions and Answers about 'Self' and other topics 52:23
2011-10-29 Self 58:38
Reflection on passages from the suttas of the Pali Canon where the Buddha explores themeaning of "self" (atta).
2011-10-29 Questions and Answers about namarupa and consciousness 52:47
2011-10-29 Namarupa and Consciousness 64:37
Reflection on passages from the suttas of the Pali Canon where the Buddha addresses what he means by "namarupa" (name-form) and Viññana (consciousness).

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