The greatest gift is the
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Steve Armstrong's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Steve Armstrong
My biding motivation for the practice of teaching is to share my interest, my understanding and my confidence in the Buddha's way for a balanced and deeply happy life. Given the pace of our culture and the direction in which it is going, mindfulness is essential to sanity. Since my first vipassana retreat in 1975, I've experienced the wisdom of sanity, peace and freedom.
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2008-07-25 What Story Of Yourself Causes You Suffering? 65:01
Seeing the anatta characteristic of the body and mind frees you from the suffering of a united sense of self.
Insight Meditation
2008-07-22 Kamma: A Lesson From The Past, An Opportunity For The Future 62:01
The correct understanding of the law of kamma is a powerful ally in practice. Fulfilling our spiritual aspiration relies on the purity, energy and frequency of wholesome kamma that results in liberating understanding.
Insight Meditation
2008-07-19 Nature At Work 54:43
Awareness knows and wisdom understands the attitudes that defile the mind as well as the nature of the body and mind at work.
Insight Meditation
2007-07-26 Understanding Insight: Dukkha And Anatta 61:30
Insight or the dawning realization of the three common characteristics rests on the continuity of mindful awareness. They offer the understanding of how to live at ease with all conditions and to do well in life.
Vipassana Retreat
2007-07-22 Understanding The Defilements 57:31
Wisdom removes the defilements. Awareness is the foundation for growing wisdom. Defilements are visitors to the mind that cause suffering.
Vipassana Retreat
2003-07-19 Four Protective Reflections 55:29
Skillful use of thought to support and protect practice. Cultivating commitment, tolerance, dispassion and urgency.

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