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Steve Armstrong's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Steve Armstrong
My biding motivation for the practice of teaching is to share my interest, my understanding and my confidence in the Buddha's way for a balanced and deeply happy life. Given the pace of our culture and the direction in which it is going, mindfulness is essential to sanity. Since my first vipassana retreat in 1975, I've experienced the wisdom of sanity, peace and freedom.
2011-07-30 Developing a Dhamma Lifestyle with Paramis 56:41
July Insight Meditation Retreat
2011-07-26 Four Noble Truths: Essential Dhamma 58:58
July Insight Meditation Retreat
2011-07-25 Awareness of the tsunami's of your life 63:59
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2011-07-22 Encouraging Counsel 47:41
"Do good. Avoid causing harm. Purify the mind." Six factors leading to good dhammas. Continuous mindful awareness leads to liberating insight and lasting piece.
July Insight Meditation Retreat
2011-05-02 The Path of Liberating Insight 64:27
2010-07-25 Developing the Middle Way 58:37
The right views of the four stages of the Eightfold Path development support practices to purify speech and behavior, the mind and understanding, resulting in happiness of harmony, happiness of tranquility and happiness of peace.
Insight Retreat
2009-07-30 Parami: A Life of Dhamma 57:40
Development of the 10 qualities of a "good human being" results in a life of dharma, offering contingency plans for the path ahead.
Insight Meditation
2009-07-26 Understanding Liberation by Uprroting the Defilements 57:40
Suffering is rooted in the defilements that visit the mind. Liberating understanding emerges naturally from continuity of awareness leading to insight. Along the way, speech, behavior, the mind and understanding are purified.
Insight Meditation
2008-08-23 Vipassana Jhanas 62:07
Insight knowledge unfolds with increasing maturity of the jhanic factors of mind. Stability of mind enables increasing depth of liberating knowledge.
2008-08-20 Arousing And Tranquilizing Factors Of Concentration 64:16

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