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Ann Masai's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Ann Masai
Ann Masai is a hospice chaplain, an Interfaith Minister, a counselor in Embodied Sacred Psychology, an adjunct faculty member at Saybrook Graduate School and California Institute of Integral Studies, and a meditation practitioner (over the last 35 years). With her multi-racial background (African, Irish, and Romany), Masai has worked on concerns of internalized racism, classism, and sexism within the black community. She has also worked with disability issues, peace education, conflict resolution, and non-violent communication. It is her joy and vision to interweave her spiritual work with social justice issues.
2008-11-09 The Beloved Sangha 61:19
A multi media (poetry, song, music and spoken word) presentation on the evolution of King's Beloved Community to the Beloved Sangha and "Odharma" community
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Path of Engagement #4
2007-11-16 The Abode Of The Body: Mindfulness And The Body 53:15
Following the Buddha's direction about using the body as a mindfulness tool, we discuss many techniques for practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Path of Engagement, Retreat 2

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