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Carol Wilson's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Carol Wilson
What I most love in my teaching practice is seeing students become dedicated to their own liberation. As their spiritual practice matures, people light up from within when they begin to understand that personal freedom is possible. This commitment to freedom on the part of the student inspires me to find ways to express my deepest understanding and enthusiasm for liberation.
2008-02-12 Seclusion 57:07
Seclusion - viveka in Pali - is a theme the Buddha was asked about: "Teach me...release, emancipation, seclusion for beings." This talk explores various aspects of this word viveka: seclusion of body, seclusion of mind, seclusion from suffering - and how these are manifest in the retreat setting and mindfulness practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight Meditation 1-month Retreat
2008-02-06 Four Noble Truths 60:40
The Buddha said that our path of awakening is like swimming upstream - in relationship to the habits of society and the habits of our own minds. So our deep motivation needs to be supported by accurate information. The 4 Noble Truths is a basic context/description of life, suffering and freedom that serves to support and inform all our various methods of practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight Meditation 1-month Retreat
2006-02-24 Perception And Papanca 55:42
Understanding the nature of perception, insight, and how we construct our world with our thoughts.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-02-07 Habits Of Mind 55:00
This talk describes the habits of mind that create suffering and the purifying power of mindfulness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2004-02-18 Compassionate Intention 57:05
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2002-02-18 The Tides Of Conceiving 59:24
Insight as a shift of perception--How our perceptions give rise to thoughts, associations, interpretations--the whole realm of papanca and suffering. Not to be caught in papanca is to be at peace.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2002-02-09 Benefits Of Metta Practice 62:09
The qualities of metta-lovingkindness-the essence of metta is simply connection. Exploring the habits of mind that obscure the natural recognition of non-separation which are desire and ill-will.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2002-02-04 Contentment With Awareness 51:21
Learning how to shift our motivation from wanting results to appreciating awareness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2000-05-28 Closing Talk - Motivating Our Practice In Daily Life 61:32
Ways to reconnect with our purpose and motivation in our day-to-day practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2000-05-23 Freedom From Conflict 58:07
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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