The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Ajahn Amaro's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Ajahn Amaro
I think of myself primarily as a monk who occasionally teaches, who strives to convey the spirit and the letter of Buddhism through my lifestyle, through explanation, and through the imagery of storytelling in order to bring Buddhism to life for people who are seeking truth and freedom.
2000-10-30 Dependent Origination 1:13:15
Monastic Retreat
2000-10-28 Heavenly Messenger 1:12:12
Monastic Retreat
1999-09-15 Focus Of Vipassana Practice 1:17:41
At the end of our search, there is nothing more to do but rejoice in being the knowing.
1999-09-14 Non Meditating 1:15:30
Genuine acceptance of our experiences means a spaciousness and ease around even the most difficult states that allows for their transformation.
1999-09-13 Cessation Of Consciousness II 55:35
A continued follow up of Q and A, from the Cessation of Consciousness I talk.
1999-09-12 Cessation Of Consciousness I Followed By Q And A 58:16
Suffering results from a confused relationship of the mind to its own experience; when we see the way things actually are, we connect with a profound freedom.
1999-09-11 The Place Of Non Abiding II Followed By Q And A 51:16
Learning to recognize moments of isness, or pure, open presence in our quiet, often overlooked moments when no sense of self has arisen.
1999-09-10 The Place Of Non Abiding I 57:18
Exploring the spaciousness of mind that comes when we let go of our belief in the solidity of the sense world, when we know the mind as the space in which all this drama is happening.
1999-09-09 Ultimate And Conventional Reality 52:56
Can we live with respect and compassion within the world of form, while understanding its ultimate insubstantiality? Can we remember the truth of emptiness while the world of appearances is so compelling? How can we do both at once?
1999-04-22 Born Again 61:15
Escaping the subject/object domain of duality.

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