The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Ajahn Amaro's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Ajahn Amaro
I think of myself primarily as a monk who occasionally teaches, who strives to convey the spirit and the letter of Buddhism through my lifestyle, through explanation, and through the imagery of storytelling in order to bring Buddhism to life for people who are seeking truth and freedom.
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1998-10-30 Neither Title Nor Untitled 1:12:03
A religious seeker is one who has no future.
1998-10-28 Both Titled And Untitled 60:04
Listening to the mind without entanglements.
1998-10-26 The Essence Of Dhamma 57:44
Patiently surrendering into benevolence and kindness.
1998-10-24 Unconditioned Reality 56:29
Recognizing the unrecognizable.
1998-10-23 Opening Talk For The Monastic Retreat 52:46
Exploring the monastic tradition.
1998-10-23 Opening Talk For The Monastic Retreat 52:55
Exploring the monastic tradition..
1990-05-26 The Joys of Monastic Life, Part 6 1:21:35
with Sister Columba
Group discussion
The Joys of Monastic Life

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