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Eugene Cash's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Eugene Cash
I am intrigued by how we can live the 'holy life' as lay people. How do we erase the imaginary line between formal sitting practice and the rest of our lives? How can we bring full engagement to formal and informal practice? Is it possible to embody, in our lives, the understanding and insight that comes with intensive training? And can we live our lives in a way that expresses and continues to deepen our realization? These questions fuel my practice and my teaching.
2009-05-11 The Art and Skill of Samadhi 58:19
Concentration Retreat
2008-12-07 The Retreat Never Ends 35:36
Going home, we take the understanding of that the Dharma is our lives. We enter through various Dharma Gates, Sangha, Service, Meditation
Three Centers Retreat: Eye of Wisdom; Heart of Compassion; Body of Awakening
2008-11-01 Openness Acceptance Intimacy 67:22
Openness, Acceptance, and Intimacy are qualities of Mindfulness practice that lead to awakening.
2008-07-05 Unprepared 68:52
This talk was co-created with the participants of a beginners retreat at Spirit Rock. It was based on their experience and themes raised about practice.
Insight Meditation
2008-03-24 "The Spatula By The Toilet Shines With Light" 61:10
The Dharma opens us to a mystery--the mystery of awakening, of practice, of each moment. When we see through the eyes of mystery, the world reveals its inherent luminosity.
Insight Meditation 1-Month Retreat
2008-03-10 Paradox And Awakening 62:55
How do we make sense of the differing and sometimes contradictory teachings we hear; one of the fruits of practice is the resolution of paradox.
Insight Meditation 1-Month Retreat
2008-02-25 Monday Night Meditation 1:41:16
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2008-02-11 Monday Night Talk with Jack Kornfield 61:15
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2007-12-31 The Alchemy Of Release 47:48
The Buddha describes how the intoxication with youth, health and life fell away. What allows for our intoxications to fall away? How does letting go happen? How do we cultivate awareness, kindness, presence and understanding that allow for the alchemy of release?
New Year's Insight Meditation Retreat
2007-12-27 Don't Underestimate The Breath 52:37
Mindfulness of the body has the breath at the center and includes all four postures, movement, speaking, listening, feelings and all activity. We can practice mindfulness of the breath and also mindfulness with the breath - developing an enlarged awareness. This practice can take us all the way to enlightenment.
New Year's Insight Meditation Retreat

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