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Eugene Cash's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Eugene Cash
I am intrigued by how we can live the 'holy life' as lay people. How do we erase the imaginary line between formal sitting practice and the rest of our lives? How can we bring full engagement to formal and informal practice? Is it possible to embody, in our lives, the understanding and insight that comes with intensive training? And can we live our lives in a way that expresses and continues to deepen our realization? These questions fuel my practice and my teaching.
2014-06-04 Paradox of Dharma 61:32
Things are not what they seem Nor are they otherwise - Buddha This talk explored the role and dynamic of paradox in Buddhist teaching and practice. We looked at the paradox inherent in the experience of the three characteristics -- anicca (impermanence), dukkha (suffering) and anatta (self and not self). As we relax with the paradoxical experience the three characteristics become portals to awakening.
Aging as Spiritual Opportunity
2014-01-02 The Samadhiness of Experience 48:58
New Year's Retreat
2013-12-29 Investigation: Reality is Revelatory 62:10
The curiosity and discovery of investigating the nature of reality opens us to simplicity and wonder.
New Year's Retreat
2013-12-07 Ryokan: The Human Face of Awakening 62:26
Celebrating the Zen poet Ryokan, his life and teaching: "What is the heart of this old monk like? A gentle wind beneath the vast sky."
Intimate With All Things
2013-12-04 Rest in the Knowing 60:07
The truth of human experience is the doorway to awakening. Awareness reveals what is know and unknown.
Intimate With All Things
2013-05-17 Birth & Death 64:09
Marana Sati, Mindfulness of life and death, is an inherent aspect of Buddhist teachings and practice. Both life and death are doorways to awakening.
Aging as Spiritual Opportunity: A retreat for those 55 and older
2013-05-14 Not Knowing 53:56
The skillfulness of not-knowing is part of practice and the contemplative experience. We are released from the limitations of the known with the inclusion of not-knowing. The skill and art of not-knowing becomes one of the doorways to awakening, realization and the continued maturation of our understanding. As the Zen monk/poet Ryokan said, "I do not know others. Others do not know me. Not knowing each other we naturally follow the way."
Aging as Spiritual Opportunity: A retreat for those 55 and older
2013-05-06 Buddha's Awakening: What Really Happened... 54:45
Buddha's relationship to his body as a doorway to Enlightenment.
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2012-12-14 Intimate Mystery 63:09
Discovering beginner's mind, not knowing and mystery on the path to awakening.
Liberating Intimacy
2012-04-11 Mindfulness of the Body 59:09
The purpose and usefulness of embodied meditation: How to stay connected to the body.
One Path: Unity of Concentration and Mindfulness

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