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Jack Kornfield's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Jack Kornfield
Over the years of teaching, I've found a growing need for profound lovingkindness and compassion--a transformation of the heart--to underlie the insights and understandings that come out of the practice. An opening of the mind needs to be supported by compassion from the heart if the practice is to be integrated, fulfilled, and lived in our lives.
2000-10-30 Spirituality and Social Response 64:19
2000-10-23 Wise Concentration with Sister Dipankara 66:00
2000-10-01 10 Perfections 62:17
2000-09-04 Labor Of Love - Right Livelihood 57:43
A Labor Day talk on right livelihood: what is our attitude to the work of our life?
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2000-08-07 Discovery Love of Meditation - Balance & Dying 52:40
exact date unknown
2000-06-26 A Gathering Of Elders (Buddhist Commentary Talk) 56:01
Discription of Western Buddhist teachers conference, including the highlight of a visit by the Dalai Lama.
2000-04-24 Emptiness: Poetry Of Nagarjuna 67:54
An evening talk shared with Stephen Batchelor. Speaking from Batchelor's book of poetic translations, Verses From the Center: A Buddhist Vision of the Sublime.
2000-03-21 On Not Knowing 59:25
Learning to rest in mystery, wisdom, and not knowing.
2000-02-21 Seven Factors Of Enlightenment 56:58
Tasting the freedom of reconnecting with the openness and luminosity of mind that is our true nature.
Monday and Wednesday Talks
1999-10-14 Three Trainings, Three Freedoms 56:46
the discovery and awakening of natural integrity, stillness and transcendent wisdom

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