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Jack Kornfield's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Jack Kornfield
Over the years of teaching, I've found a growing need for profound lovingkindness and compassion--a transformation of the heart--to underlie the insights and understandings that come out of the practice. An opening of the mind needs to be supported by compassion from the heart if the practice is to be integrated, fulfilled, and lived in our lives.
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2021-03-22 Q and A: The Sacred Pause | Monday Night talk 20:02
Q and A from 03-22-2021 Monday Night
2021-02-08 Seeing the World with the Heart of Wisdom | Monday Night talk 51:25
We have the capacity to be awake and to see the world as it is with a graciousness and an understanding. As the poet Mary Oliver writes, "To live in this world, you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go." This is our dance, our human incarnation: to tend and love that which is ephemeral.
2021-02-08 Meditation: Loving Awareness | Monday Night 26:47
The freedom of loving awareness is available; it just takes practice for you to remember it, and to trust that it is always here. When you feel lost, stuck in a tiny part of the big picture, contracted, or caught up, take a breath and visualize yourself stepping back. With a spacious mind, you can witness even these contracted states and hold them in loving awareness.
2021-02-08 Q and A: Seeing the World with the Heart of Wisdom | Monday Night talk 20:06
Q and A from 02-08-2021 Monday Night
2021-01-25 Reconciliation | Monday Night talk 53:22
Conflict is natural—we can be attached to our needs, desires, ideas and visions. Our brains are wired with a negativity bias to look for things that are threatening. But some other part of us knows there is another way. We need to pause and reflect for a moment. What is it that matters most? This vision is needed more than ever in the midst of our difficulties.
2021-01-25 Meditation: Reconciliation | Monday Night 31:32
This meditation is a deep-hearted reflection, a possibility, a yearning, a vision. Even if we cannot or should not speak to the other, we can find the courage to hold reconciliation and goodwill in our own heart.To recite the intention of reconciliation is to willingly plant a seed of reconnection and love in our heart. As we repeat each phrase, we turn our intention to the possibility of restoring harmony where suffering has set us apart. May our lives lead to wise, healthy, and courageous reconciliation. Further reading: “The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace”
2021-01-25 Q and A: Reconciliation | Monday Night talk 29:56
Q and A from 01-25-2021 Monday Night
2020-12-14 Rekindle and Renew | Monday Night talk 40:44
Many of us discover we live partially in a dreamworld, cut off from our body and whole pieces of our life. Though we may sense our disconnection, we do not know exactly what is wrong. James Joyce captured this dilemma when he wrote of one character, “Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body.” Enlightenment must be lived here and now through this very body. In this body and mind we can discover the cause of suffering and the end of suffering. For awakening to be an opening into freedom in this very life, the body must be its ground.
2020-12-14 Meditation: Breath Love In Breath Love Out | Monday Night Talk 24:18
Meditation is an invitation in this moment’s practice to turn our attention to our body, heart and mind. Begin to pay attention to this mysterious human incarnation. Feel how your body is breathing itself… you don’t have to do anything. Add metta or lovingkindness to each breath. With each breath in, fill your body and being with lovingkindness for yourself. With each breath out, sense you are sending love out to the world.
2020-12-14 Q and A: Rekindle and Renew | Monday Night talk 26:36
Q and A from 12-14-2020 Monday Night Dharma Talk Rekindle and Renew

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