The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2001-05-23 The Buddha Knows The Dhamma 61:49
  Guy Armstrong
Our deepest nature is a purified awareness like the Buddha's. This awareness has the power to know and liberate the phenomena of afflictive emotions.

2001-05-20 You Are the Buddha 64:48
  Howard Cohn

2001-05-07 Who Are You Really? 60:10
  Jack Kornfield
An inquiry into the essence of who we really are, accepting and honoring the totality of ourselves.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2001-05-02 You Are the Buddha 60:41
  Howard Cohn

2001-05-02 When Things Don't Go Our Way 49:52
  Michele McDonald
Instead of pretending to be okay when our beautiful dreams get blown apart, can we learn to respond with compassion, ease and balance?

2001-04-30 The Teaching of Ajahn Chah 63:04
  Jack Kornfield

2001-04-29 Buddhism and the Red Road 30:09
  John Travis

2001-04-29 Refuge 52:22
  Christina Feldman
Taking refuge is an invitation to explore our inner capacity for awakening wisdom and compassion.

2001-04-25 Taking Difficulties as a Path 64:34
  Donald Rothberg

2001-04-25 Taking Difficulties as a Path 63:49
  Donald Rothberg

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