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Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2017-07-17 Forgiveness Practice (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:26
  JoAnna Harper
How a forgiveness practice can open the way for Metta.
July Insight Meditation Retreat

2017-07-16 Deepening Insight into Impermanence (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 62:31
  Joseph Goldstein
What we learn from being mindful.
July Insight Meditation Retreat

2017-07-16 Introduction to Metta Meditation and Guided Meditation (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 46:36
  Greg Scharf
July Insight Meditation Retreat

2017-07-15 Entering Retreat: Dharma as Nature (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:41
  Anushka Fernandopulle
Advice on entering retreat, and dharma practice as recognizing yourself as part of nature.
July Insight Meditation Retreat

2017-07-15 First Day Morning Instructions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 44:41
  Joseph Goldstein
Explaining four aspects of meditation practice: "sit and know you're sitting"; "there is a body"; "simply begin again"; "relaxed but not casual."
July Insight Meditation Retreat

2017-07-14 Dharma and Recovery (Drop-in at Spirit Rock) 2:01:18
  Kevin Griffin
Step 7

2017-07-13 Day 8: Sit with Instructions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 62:23
  Spring Washam
July Metta

2017-07-12 Stop Worrying: Cultivate Active Engagement for the Good 1:49:30
  Sylvia Boorstein
Sitting and practice-oriented discussion, suitable for beginners as well as engaged practitioners. Taught by Sylvia Boorstein.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2017-07-12 Developing The Love of Equanimity (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 59:46
  Tempel Smith
The Fourth Brahma Vihara--Upekkha/Equanimity--is a tender, steady love that rest peacefully in the truth of how things are. This expression of love grows out of wisdom and lots of perspective.
July Metta

2017-07-12 Day 7: Sit with Instructions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 53:00
  Teja Fudo Myoo Bell
July Metta

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