The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1989-01-01 Freeing Ourselves From Views 60:43
  Jack Kornfield
letting go of our point of view so the moment can come out of our hearts

1989-01-01 Introduction To Meditation 1:11:52
  Jack Kornfield
Listening to this comprehensive study course in insight meditation is like attending a beginner's meditation group for five weeks.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

1988-10-25 Working With Beginnings And Endings 61:21
  Jack Kornfield
waking up to the endless cycle of change and how we bring our hearts and minds to trust in this unchanging truth

1988-04-01 Clouds Of The Mind 52:04
  Jack Kornfield
true practice turns difficulties into The Path

1988-01-01 Training The Inner Child 62:01
  Jack Kornfield
seeing the connection between raising children, our own inner child and practicing meditation

1988-01-01 The Importance Of Being Aware Of Feelings 63:25
  Jack Kornfield
seeing how nourishing ourselves on all levels--body, mind, emotions, and spirit--leads to awareness

1988-01-01 Asking The Hard Questions 61:13
  Jack Kornfield
Is this the right path for me? Should I practice longer--or look deeper? ...examining the practice of meditation through the questions that come up

1988-01-01 Connecting Practice With Your Deepest Love 67:05
  Jack Kornfield
understanding the roles of joy, sorrow, and emptiness as we learn to ask the heart which way to go

1987-04-01 Trungpa Rinpoche 57:43
  Jack Kornfield
a tribute to the late Rinpoche and a look at his teachings

1987-02-01 Spirituality And Sexuality 44:54
  Jack Kornfield
A thought-provoking look at our attitudes toward sexuality.

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