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Mary Grace Orr's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Mary Grace Orr
Lately, my own practice is moving more and more into the monastic world. As I teach out of that nourishment, I find people hungry for the traditional, solid forms of the Dharma. I see people's lives changing when they engage in these forms. Certainly, as I deepen my own Sutta study, I find the traditional ideas so helpful it encourages me to delve further.
2015-03-08 Morning Instructions Day 8 Back to Basics Foundations 103 10:34
March Insight 1 Month Retreat
2015-03-07 Metta Revisted 49:34
Training in Metta so that we can hold ourselves and others with friendliness-even in difficulty.
March Insight 1 Month Retreat
2015-03-04 Brahma Vihara Day 4 31:31
March Insight 1 Month Retreat
2015-03-02 Morning Instructions Day 2 7:55
Mindfulness of the breath and body.
March Insight 1 Month Retreat
2015-03-01 The Four Noble Truths: Food for the journey 46:00
The most basic wisdom teachings of the Buddha are excellent nourishment for our journey and support for meeting our suffering.
March Insight 1 Month Retreat
2015-01-29 Living Your Practice 52:17
Do good, avoid evil, appreciate your lunacy, and pray for help: how we can work with this teaching in the context of the Eightfold Path.
Developing Compassion: The Fruit of Our Practice
2015-01-27 Meeting Our Suffering 48:26
Exploring The Four Noble Truths & The practice of Tonglen
Developing Compassion: The Fruit of Our Practice
2014-03-27 Waking Up is a Full Time Job 51:45
How do we stay connected to, and supported by, awareness and live in the world of time and space.
March Month Long Retreat
2014-03-22 Brahma Viharas 28:44
March Month Long Retreat
2014-03-20 Knowing Freedom 43:54
Exploring the last step of Transcental Dependent Origination, the Knowledge of the Cankers. How do we recognize our freedom?
March Month Long Retreat

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