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Bonnie Duran's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Bonnie Duran
Bonnie met the Dharma in 1982 at Kopan Monastery and in Bodh Gaya India. Since then she has practiced long and short retreats with Joseph Goldstein and other eastern and western monastics and lay teachers. She is a graduate of the IMS/SRMC teacher training programs and is also involved with Indigenous ceremonies and practices. She is currently a core teacher of the IMS teacher training program and the SRMC Dedicated Practitioners Program. Dr. Duran is a Professor of Social Work and Public Health at the University of Washington in Seattle.
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2015-02-22 Seven Factors of Awakening 52:34
This talk reviewed the 7 factors as both the way to approach the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness and also as objects to notice in the mind.
February Insight Meditation Retreat
2015-02-21 Brahma Vihara Day 21 39:52
Mudita: All Beings
February Insight Meditation Retreat
2015-02-16 Brahma Viharas Day 16 38:58
Karuna Compassion Practice
February Insight Meditation Retreat
2014-07-01 Why We Meditate and How We Meditate 58:25
This talk focuses on the experiences of Dukkha for People of Color and how mindfulness is the medicine to overcome suffering.
Retreat for People of Color
2011-03-30 Sacred Space and The Dharma 48:03
March Monthlong Retereat

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