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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

February Month-long

2016-01-30 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2016-01-31 Day 1 Brahma Vihara Instructions 46:43
Bonnie Duran
2016-01-31 Cultivating Mindfulness 50:35
Sally Armstrong
2016-02-01 Day 2 Morning Instructional Sit 9:54
Sally Armstrong
2016-02-01 The Branches of the Meditation Family 64:35
Richard Shankman
Dharma Talk from the Monday Night Meditation Class at Spirit Rock on February 1st, 2016
2016-02-01 Delighting in the Wholesome 58:46
Guy Armstrong
Our practice is aimed at developing in three ways: brightening the mind, finding deep inner peace, and understanding the nature of things. The talk explores the role of wholesome qualities in this development: giving, conduct, lovingkindness, concentration, and right view.
2016-02-02 Day 3 Morning Instructional Sit 43:48
Guy Armstrong
2016-02-02 Day 3 Brahma Vihara Instructions 57:58
Sally Armstrong
2016-02-03 Day 4 Morning Instructional Sit 16:30
Erin Treat
2016-02-03 Day 4 Brahma Vihara Instructions: Metta for Self and Benefactor 57:48
James Baraz
2016-02-03 Right Effort: Retreats as Training Events for Purification and Cultivation 53:00
Bonnie Duran
This talk looks at different Sutta references on the four right efforts and how to work with them on retreat. includes an erroneous statement on karma. Please excuse. Oops.
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