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Retreat Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Monday and Wednesday Talks

Regular weekly talks given at the lower Spirit Rock meditation hall

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2007-08-20 Sanctuary 62:28
Jack Kornfield
Making your meditation, your heart and your life a sanctuary.
2007-08-27 Wisdom & The Characteristics Of Life 64:00
Jack Kornfield
How to live with a wise heart in the midst of impermanence; with ease amidst the dance of life.
2007-09-03 Take The One Seat 60:10
Jack Kornfield
How to find the great heart of compassion and freedom in the midst of it all.
2007-09-05 The Basics Of Our Practice - Reflections On 3 Weeks In Mountain Retreat 56:28
Donald Rothberg
As we begin a new cycle after Labor Day, it’s helpful to identify the basics of our practice, which I do with reference to a just-completed 3 weeks on retreat in the mountains. We look at 1. Foundations – ethics, intentions, creating a space away from habits. 2. Development of concentration and awareness. 3. Heart – practice and 4. Integration in our everyday lives.
2007-09-10 Calling Yourself 60:07
Norman Fischer
The practice of calling yourself and answering yourself as taught by an ancient Zen master.
2007-10-01 Facing Aggression 54:03
Norman Fischer
Turning away is so natural to us but we must turn toward the aggression within us if we want to overcome it. Our practice is to do this, be patient with what we find, and learn to let it come and go rather than fix it. Then we will be able to act with kindness, and to change this world inside and out.
2007-10-08 Hell, Death & Other Delights 57:10
Wes Nisker
Death, Impermanence, Death Poems, Autumn Melancholy
2007-10-15 The Thread 65:50
Ed Brown
2007-10-22 The Dharma Of Community Development 1:11:57
Jack Kornfield
The Dharma of community, the spirit of generosity and the development of love and care between humans.
2007-10-29 Quiet The Mind, Open The Heart 69:27
Jack Kornfield
The essence of meditation is a shift of identity and awakening of compassion.
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