The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Sylvia Boorstein's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Sylvia Boorstein
My greatest joy is giving the gift of love and hope through the dharma, knowing it is possible for humans to transform their hearts. These dharma gifts include paying attention, practicing clarity and kindness and addressing the suffering of the world--which, of course, includes ourselves.
2001-10-31 Faith in Goodness in Complex Times 66:06
2001-06-24 Day Long - Equanimity Pt 3 67:41
2001-06-24 Day Long - Equanimity Pt 2 1:34:32
2001-06-24 Day Long - Equanimity Pt 1 1:42:18
2001-06-20 Everyone Is Responsible, No One is Guilty 62:37
2001-04-18 Paramita Meditation 67:53
2001-04-18 Holding Hands 30:10
In thinking about the path of awareness and the refining of the heart that is the purpose of Buddhist philosophy, Sylvia suggests that she would like to amend the Eightfold Path to be the "Ninefold Path," adding Right Relationship as the ninthfold. Right Relationship is the sense of connection we feel in the world that holds us up. Hand holding is the metaphor Sylvia uses to symbolize this connection. Hands take us from the womb, and they put us in the grave. In between, it is one big "hand holding."
Monday and Wednesday Talks
2001-03-01 Metta Sutta 60:54
A reading and discussion of the Lovingkindness Sutta.
2001-02-14 Stop 63:07
How to use "stopping" as a tool in wise practice. Kindness and goodness are parameters to measure our practice. Stories of the Buddha including "a wise ape teaches kindness." Discussion of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.
2001-02-08 Cemetery Contemplations, Old And New 56:14
Sharing reflections on wisdom and compassion, and the cemetery contemplations of the Mahasatipatthana Sutta.

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