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Teja Bell's Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Teja Bell
Teja Bell (Fudo Myoo Roshi) is a lineage dharma teacher and Rinzai Zen master, the 85th ancestor of the lineage of Lin-Chi I-Chuan. He teaches dharma and qigong as embodied mindfulness through integrating somatic skills with meditation practices.
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2015-06-18 Day Three: Afternoon Instructions with Qigong 1:14:15
Spirit Rock Meditation Center From the Breath to Spacious Awareness
2009-11-26 The Paradox of Completion 55:43
Completion and Incompletion in the intimate weave of the Dharma of Understanding and then resting in the transcendent wisdom of pure unconditioned awareness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Thanksgiving
2008-11-09 Pure Presence In Embodied Practice 58:37
The confluence of Qigong and Dharma in the practice of embodiment as direct experience.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Embodied Presence

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