The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2004-11-09 There Are No Distractions 47:34
  Diana Winston
A journey to a Burmese monastery and mindfulness of our full experience, even the hard stuff.

2004-11-08 You Are The Path 46:31
  Eugene Cash

2004-10-28 Equanimity 60:28
  Kamala Masters
Equanimity is resting the mind before it falls into extremes of reactivity. The spacious, calm balance of equanimity can contain both the joys and sorrows of life— supporting mindfulness and the opening to deeper wisdom when we open to “how it is.” Moment to moment, equanimity leads to a great respect and to alignment with the truths that liberate.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2004-10-26 Impermanence: A Characteristic Of Existence 60:58
  Guy Armstrong
Although humans have a bias toward falsely seeing permanence, we can develop the insight into the truth of impermanence. In the depths of meditation, we are able to discern the moment to moment dissolution of our experience at the six sense doors.

2004-10-23 Faith 55:12
  Kamala Masters
The Buddha likened faith to a seed, an intention, to grow in the direction of wisdom and compassion, to venture beyond what is known. The seed sends down roots which take in nourishment to grow the seed. The roots are likened to virtuous activity. From there, sprouts grow, blossom and bear the fruits of serenity and insight.
Monday and Wednesday Talks

2004-10-18 From Security to Service 44:43
  Christopher Titmuss
Most of us have enough. Our security is based on the way we treat others. If we are willing to be insecure, we can truly serve others.

2004-10-16 The Light That Reveals 37:49
  Christopher Titmuss
Consciousness is the light that reveals the world of objects. It also reveals much more than that. It is the key to realizing emptiness and truth.

2004-10-14 Deep Love 54:28
  Christopher Titmuss
Deep love (metta) belongs to the formless and flows into our roles. The flow of this love transcends the situation.

2004-10-13 Inquiry I 48:34
  Donald Rothberg

2004-10-13 The Response Of The Open Heart 59:37
  Sylvia Boorstein
The response of the open heart - discussion of the heart for enemies of the Brahma-Viharas.

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