The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2004-10-12 Three-Fold Training For Liberation 58:27
  Christopher Titmuss
It is a very limited view to regard ethics (Sila) as five precepts. The authentic ethic is to stay true to vision and the meditative concentration to stay connected with noble wisdom.

2004-10-08 Losing Our Way 44:55
  Anna Douglas
Discovering a deeper truth in "losing our way."

2004-10-06 The Nature Of Mind 42:00
  Anna Douglas
Thru observing the relative and absolute nature of mind we learn the Dharma.

2004-09-24 In The Wilderness 41:04
  Anna Douglas
RETREATANTS ONLY NOT IN CATALOGUE. DO NOT PUT IN CATALOGUE. The three realms (bodies) which humans inhabit.

2004-09-22 Meeting The Demons 42:13
  Anna Douglas
RETREATANTS ONLY -------- The power of awareness to transform suffering.

2004-09-20 Buddhism & 12 Steps 68:49
  Kevin Griffin

2004-09-18 Acting With Equanimity 45:26
  Donald Rothberg

2004-09-17 Unfolding into the Awakened Heart 55:58
The journey from the second to third Noble Truth invokes an opening to the unknowing—knowingness. Transformation through awareness while meeting our immediate experience, allows us to "return to the market place with bliss bestowing hands."

2004-09-17 Interbeing 50:04
  Donald Rothberg

2004-09-17 Seven Reasons Why It's Better Not To Hate 33:25
  Diana Winston
Given at a retreat on engaged Buddhism, this talk describes seven Buddhist strategies for overcoming hatred. It reminds us that hatred will never cease with hatred, only through love.

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